US-EU Data Protection Framework

On 7 October 2022, President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order on Enhancing Safeguards for United States Signals Intelligence Activities. The executive order sets out the steps that the United States will take to implement the U.S. commitments under the European Union-U.S. Data Privacy Framework.

There seems to be general consensus in the US that Joe Biden made the right call when he issued the executive order. Leading law firms have said that the timing was right.
One of the stand out features of the executive order is the inclusion of a new two-layer redress mechanism. Once in operation, people will be able to lodge complaints with the Civil Liberties Protection Officer or they can approach the Independent Data Protection Review Court. To go to court, you must show harm. The EU is currently considering the Executive order and will provide their input.
From an implementation perspective, there are procedural aspects that will continue until early December. Among the updates we can expect are some amendments to the privacy shield.
We are monitoring these developments closely and will be providing updates on our website.

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For updated information and developments on this topic, visit our website. You can also view this fact sheet that the Whitehouse released highlighting the key areas of the Executive Order.